Doctor...Master...Teacher...Shaman...Aleks...Samana...Father...Son...are all these concepts/labels really that necessary...people have forgotten how look with your heart, without thinking

On the internet you can find enough information about me...I was trying to prove to everyone...and proved...the ones who did not believe...have received their sight...who followed the footsteps has reached...Do not look at the between the lines...look behind the image...Learn to perceive the Middle...

when you make a choice... you either think yes or no... black and white... that's the duality of the mind... such a choice always has 2 sides... doesn't matter what you choose, yes or no... keep it to yourself

The choice has been already made with your heart before you came... Observe without connecting the mental machine... to avoid suffering... Trust the Absolute

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I've opened my own enterprise, but the business didn't pay off. I've been trying to hire advertisers, organize different PR companies, but nothing has worked. My business partner jokingly recommended me to visit a shaman, but I took that advice seriously. From Shaman Aleks I bought a Reality Control Ritual. At first, I doubted if anything will work, but when the business started to bring income I believed in everything that Aleks did. And he, by the way, turned out to be a true professional. As a result of our appointments, I changed internally, transformed my external environment, and what's the most important, made my business work. I express my deep gratitude for the Shaman.
I was a little bit sceptical to anything that wasn't proven by science or modern medicine, but when you can't find a rational explanation for your problems, you can go on trying many things. This is why started seeking for a specialist, and by following the advice of my friend, I decided to try the services of Shaman Aleks. For five years I've been suffering from depression, panic attacks and anxiety, which didn't have any reason, and none of the medications gave any positive effect. And then when we had a consultation, I believed, that I'll receive help here. And I wasn't wrong. And now after plenty of time after sessions, every day I feel only better. Completely forgot about my panic attacks, and even got some self-confidence.

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