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The joke is as multifaceted like Human... The joke has everything to learn about illness and suffering...

Story from middle age

This is my personal experience and my personal opinion that has passed through the filter and the distortion of my mind!
I will share my experience, in 2013 I got spoiled, the body began to reject the liver, the doctors could not make a diagnosis, an elderly Turkish woman Tyuliai helped, with special abilities, magic, came out for five years, it was a kick, to raise my head and ask, but why me,)) ?

And research began on the product of the earthlings.

I had no particular interest in religions, as everyone I wore a cross and believed in what people told to believe, quickly ran through religions, free psychologists, peasantry, Islam, Buddhism did not capture anything, 11 major religions, did not dive into sects,))
In Kabbalah, I noticed the study of the inner world, exactly that version of Kabbalah where the study is outside the mind.

I liked the difficult Vadim Zeland at that time, the management of reality, then carried it through all the Internet information jungle, watched and listened, everyone talked about the same thing but from their mind, more precisely through their filters of understanding and distortion, my mind wanted to eat information and listened to everything that fell under his wheels and could not get enough, more, more and more.

Of the many, for me personally, Sadhguru was very well received, later I realized that this is also a business and he was also stuck in another game.

He devoted a lot of time to information about entities, about their influence on a person, looking for an opportunity, on the contrary, to influence and control them.

Gradually I got to regressions, Alexander Dukkart, also listened a lot and found exact answers to questions or simply emphasizing some thoughts wandering in mind, made a session with Alexander, immersion, visited the past, saw who I was in “past life”, “shaman”. But it was also a mind game, standard templates - cartoons like past lives and shamanism.

It seemed that I know everything and understand what is in physics and behind physics, the akasha chronicles, Angels, Satan, God, earth and space are complete.
But satisfaction didn’t come, something was missing!

Throughout my life, I constantly met people with real superpowers, healers, psychics, magicians, clairvoyants, herbalists, astrology, communicated with everyone and absorbed information like a sponge.

One friend had a complete set of unpacking, clairaudience, clairvoyance of energies, past and future, sensations, she asked for half a year to close her part, she couldn't even communicate with her family, she could see all their thoughts and intentions and suffered from this.

A couple of years ago, my friend threw me a site, I read the site for half a year in between at that time I tried the guys from Bali Voronov and the guys fruit-eaters and wanted to fly to them for a retreat, but Alex's site, his short statements overwhelmed my mind, he wrote briefly and make me think, I decided to contact him, made the first consultation and heard new things, not very clear but had a response in me, I felt in myself but did not know what it was, I decided to become a student. Plus an important point, he gives personal practice, which opens up your personal opportunities and awareness of how the processes in which we live and create them ourselves.

I always doubt, and try not to stuck anywhere, the illusion is so multifaceted that you can stop and believe the moment.
Previously, like many others, I wanted to discover and develop my superpowers and envied people who have it, although I heard about their suffering from these gifts, today my personal subjective, each has an independent creator and builder of reality in himself.

I understand more and more how the universe works, what and who a human is, his principle of work and existence, explanations at the level of perception of information in your mind. Alex shows and proves, together with your mind, that you are not the mind, and surely not the body.
The mind is the strongest program, it is constantly being updated and evolving simultaneously for all people in the project earth.

The mind program has limitations like on a computer, the computer knows only itself and its eyes see only its own monitor screen, the computer does not know and does not see the room in which it is located, does not see the city, country, planet, the computer can only play with those cubes that has been given, he can sort through them and add as many as he can, but he can't take a new cube.
Likewise, man, he makes new fantastic discoveries and shouts about it to the whole world, but he didn't invent anything, he got to the bottom of the next created moment or place, which always existed.

Human has a program called mind, it functions only within the framework of the mind program, and here the most interesting begins, which surprised me and carried me away with knowledge, and for today this version of the mind with the number 09/27/2020 suits me well, and I move on.

I will slightly open the veil of intrigue to your mind, this physical world with planet Earth and the so-called subtle world with all its horror stories, entities and superpowers are also within the bounds of the limited MIND!!!

PS: Only people give names and animate (what?), I begin to worship and ask, to realize their desire!

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