Divya Dhana

Human evolution isn't over yet... Each one has a lot of that is not illuminated... Therefore, a person lives in a conflict with himself... Having found light... Darkness is no longer darkness...

Ashrams, religions, faith - no belief... how much have passed, it seemed that this is it, but more questions again... who am I? And where is me here? And is it really me? Meditations, mantras, prayers, rituals - dancing with a tambourine around yourself not to look inside. It’s scary to dive into ourselves… at first… letting go of everything and staying naked, letting go of control, we are so used to delving into everything and keeping our finger on the pulse. But it turns out that the middle is a thrill and everything happens as it should, and a sea of ​​energy does not go to struggle with life, just remove the excess. Helping people, we help ourselves and vice versa, everything is interconnected. We create reality ourselves!

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