#1 Create Wishmaster


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Create your Wishmaster! We will make for you a personal instrument that will help your wishes come true soon. We emphasize: The Wishmaster is made specifically for your goal. It is based specifically on your intention. While listening, your intent will begin the manifestation in reality. Intention can be directed towards you, some specific person, group of people, or whatever you wish. You can listen to the audio yourself, or you can also involve some people to listen with you to enhance the effect. It is also possible to make a few orders with different intentions.

Love Attraction — Choose from the List Below

Launching Rejuvenation — Choose from the List Below

Attracting Attention — Choose from the List Below

Business Promotion — Choose from the List Below

Attracting Clients — Choose from the List Below

Attracting Luck — Choose from the List Below

Attracting Financial Well-being — Choose from the list Below

The Debt Collector — Choose from the List below

Deliverance from addictions — Choose from the List Below

Sword of Justice — Choose from the List Below

Protection — Choose from the List Below

Ending the persecution — Choose from the List Below

Termination of disputes — Choose from the List Below

Still haven't found what you were looking for? Make the order to your Wish

First, choose the pace for the Wishmaster from the list below:

And now write your Wish in the box below and click "add to basket" button

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Terms and conditions of use

• It takes 2-3 days to create the Wishmaster
• You will receive audio file(s) on the email that you will provide while purchasing


• Headphones
• Comfortable posture
• Turn on the Audio
• Close your eyes
• Don't get distracted, listen totally
• Do not move your body and mind
• Repeat 3-4 times a week
• Make sure to follow the instructions!

2 reviews for #1 Создать Повелитель Желаний

  1. Olia

    Вау это круто! Огромное спасибо за мой личный исполнитель желаний. Использую только вторую неделю и уже заметен результат. Если так пойдёт, то у меня на очереди ещё одно желание ))) Буду всем рекомендовать Вас!

  2. Vera

    Намного выгоднее, чем заказывать другие услуги! Шамана Алекса знаю уже больше 3 лет, несколько раз заказывала у него ритуал управление реальностью и всегда получала, что хотела. Теперь у меня есть свой личный инструмент Спасибо!

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